Corporate Slogan『Sansha Teiritsu (Triparite Balance)

Daiichi Kinzoku’s corporate slogan is Sansha Teiritsu, or Tripartite Balance.

Tripartite refers to the company, the employees, and the customers. The image of balance between the three parties derives from the ancient Chinese tripod vessel. The slogan represents prosperity for the company, the employees, and the customers. In other words, the company’s interests are in the employees’ interests and the customers’ interests. The three parties are inseparable; each is essential to one another.

Tripartite Balance encapsulates our wish for eternal growth and progress.

Message on management style

Representative Director Keisuke Nakamura

We at Daiichi Kinzoku engage in the distribution of metal and nonmetal materials, consistently putting ourselves in the customers’ shoes since our founding in 1945. Meeting quality, price, and deadline requirements goes without saying. On top of that, we always strive to provide our customers with useful information. We view distribution as a “support industry” and seek to be a good supporter of our customers.

In efforts to fulfill the needs and resolve the challenges of our customers, we organize training programs designed to develop and produce motivated, helpful human resources.

It makes us happiest when we succeed in delivering optimal products and services, and our customers’ business flourishes as a result. Please feel free to contact us with your needs and challenges. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Seventy years of insight into spring steel
Creating harmony up to now, Creating harmony into the future

As a trading company specializing in logistics, our mission is to serve seven functions:

  • 1) Product procurement
  • 2) Stock maintenance
  • 3) Shipping
  • 4) Development assistance
  • 5) Finishing and assembly
  • 6) Trading
  • 7) Financing

Our marketing activities are always based on fulfilling these functions, and on identifying customer needs and being of service to you.

Through our bases outside Japan, we supply materials and products directly to customers abroad.

We would be happy to provide assistance with any requests or business propositions you may have. We at Daiichi Kinzoku make it our business to be a good partner to you.


Daiichi Kinzoku Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Keisuke Nakamura
39 million yen
October 1945
Distribution of metal and nonmetal materials and finished products; finishing and peripheral equipment
Head Office
1-9-22 Honjo Nishi, Higashi Osaka-shi, Osaka 578-0965 Japan
Tel. +81-6-6744-1001 Fax. +81-6-6744-1009
Tokyo Office
3-18-8 Shinden, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 123-0865 Japan
Tel. +81-3-5390-2525 Fax. +81-3-5390-2530
Overseas Subsidiaries
China (Hong Kong, Shenzhen), Thailand (Bangkok), Vietnam (Hanoi), Singapore, Indonesia (Bekasi)


Oct 1945
Nakamura Shoten is founded in Abeno-ku, Osaka
Sep 1948
Company is renamed Daiichi Spring Works Limited Partnership
Mar 1952
Tokyo Branch opens in Taito-ku
Oct 1952
Company is renamed Daiichi Spring Wire Co., Ltd., with capital of 1 million yen
Nov 1952
Tanimachi Office opens in Minami-ku, Osaka
Apr 1957
Capital is increased to 3 million yen
May 1957
Company is reorganized as Daiichi Kinzoku Co., Ltd.
Jan 1960
Capital is increased to 6 million yen
Mar 1968
Tokyo Branch is relocated to Nerima-ku and reorganized as Tokyo Office
Jul 1973
Capital is increased to 10 million yen
Nov 1974
Head Office is constructed in Higashi-Osaka
Abeno-ku Head Office and Tanimachi Office are closed
May 1993
Tokyo Office is constructed in Adachi-ku Nerima Office is closed
Aug 2003
Hong Kong Office opens in Tuen Mun
Dec 2004
Company acquires ISO 14001 certification
Mar 2005
Tohzai Metal (S) Pte. Ltd. is established in Singapore
Apr 2005
Hong Kong Office is closed
Hong Kong Daiichi Kinzoku Ltd. is established in Tuen Mun
Oct 2006
Capital is increased to 20 million yen
Oct 2007
Daiichi Kinzoku Vietnam Co., Ltd. is established in Hanoi
Mar 2008
Company acquires ISO 9001 certification
Nov 2008
Capital is increased to 39 million yen
Jan 2011
Daiichi Kinzoku (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is established in Bangkok
Aug 2011
Tohzai Metal (S) Pte. Ltd. is renamed Daiichi Kinzoku (S) Pte. Ltd.
Apr 2012
Shenzhen Daiichi Metal Trading Co., Ltd. is established in Shenzhen
Apr 2016
PT. Daiichi Kinzoku Indonesia is established in Bekasi
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