Seventy years of insight into spring steel
Forming an ensemble of trust with our customers

Daiichi Spring Works offices

Customer first spirit since our founding in 1945

Daiichi Kinzoku uttered its first cry as Nakamura Shoten in the burnt-out ruins of Osaka in 1945. Our business at the time focused on distributing piano wire, hard-drawn steel wire, and springs, and transporting heavy steel wire. Aspiring to become a manufacturer, we later renamed the company Daiichi Spring Works. Meanwhile, Japan was on the verge of a postwar economic miracle. Metal materials, parts, and finishing techniques were evolving day by day, and the times clearly required a business to deliver materials and products that met customer needs in a timely manner. We decided to take on this challenge. On May 1, 1957, we reorganized the company as Daiichi Kinzoku Co., Ltd., and took our first steps as a trading company specializing in metals.

Since then, we have expanded our product lineup from hard-drawn steel wire for spring washers, spokes, and hairpins to the high-function materials for medical, IT, and automobile equipment that we deal in today. Our services are backed by 70 years of trust built on putting ourselves in the customers’ shoes and specializing in bridging the gap between sellers’ seeds and buyers’ needs.

Solutions based on knowledge, expertise, and trust

Daiichi Kinzoku is not a maker of products. Yet all our sales associates are equipped with knowledge and experience fostered through decades of transaction with metal material and product manufacturers. In other words, everyone is a specialist in spring steel. We not only supply metal materials and parts but also coordinate everything from finishing techniques to production equipment, engineers, sites, and logistics. We even recommend new business plans.

At the foundation of our work is the bottom-up approach we have fostered for 70 years since our founding. We coordinate. We recommend. Not based on data collected from deskwork or from the computer, but based on firsthand insight gained by each associate with the eyes, the mind, and the heart. Our pool of knowledge and experience, and our broad suite of solutions—this is the unparalleled strength of Daiichi Kinzoku.

Specialists motivated to support you

The word “impossible” is not in our dictionary. Say you call with an urgent request—We need a batch of materials ASAP, for instance, or We need an estimate now. Even if your regular sales associate is out, another will be happy to assist you. At Daiichi Kinzoku, every one of us is your dedicated sales associate.

Our services do not end with supplying materials and products. Staff members in charge of shipping make sure that each package looks neat and tidy, because they care about how the product appears when it arrives at your door. At Daiichi Kinzoku, every one of us is intent on and motivated to serve you. This is the secret to the trust placed in us by our customers.

Resonating across the sea and around the globe

Daiichi Kinzoku has bases in Hong Kong, China, Shenzhen, China, Hanoi, Vietnam, Bangkok, Thailand, Singapore, and Bekasi, Indonesia, where representatives support both Japanese and local companies in these areas as well as in countries across Asia including the Philippines, Malaysia.

Our bases in China and Hanoi are equipped with slitting equipment to further meet customer needs.

Composing a precise logistics system
As fluid and smooth as the perfect concerto

Our bases in and outside Japan maintain ample stock to meet customer needs in a precise and timely manner. Moreover, our representatives are constantly striving to know the products inside out so as to practice proper storage and shipping. We at Daiichi Kinzoku make full use of our network to procure and supply products optimal to customer needs.

This network is instrumental in our efforts to be of constant service to you. It opens doors to information, and helps us to better coordinate between manufacturers’ seeds and customers’ needs.

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